Courses that help you in your professional development

In order to plan and develop individual career path and trajectory, IIBP's 5 stage model focuses on:

Developing Core Competencies: Core Competencies are identified as knowledge, skills, and abilities that describe employee traits which directly and positively impact the success of employees and organizations. Competencies can be objectively measured, enhanced, and improved through coaching and learning opportunities.
At IIBP, we recommend to client leaders/managers/executives, the following competencies have been created for professional staff: • Inclusiveness • Stewardship • Problem Solving • Decision Making • Communication • Leadership • Teamwork • Service Focus • Quality Improvement • Strategic Planning and Organizing

A short course based on Dr. Lisa`s coaching work

This short course is about understanding Psychological Types and its implications in Work and Life. The course will explore Jung's ideas in modern context and see its various applications. By end of this course, you will be able to start using Jungian idea at work. If you are already familiar with the idea of Psychological Types, this course will be a refresher for you and take you deeper in Jungian depth psychology.

Here is a list of what will be covered in 9 sessions.

1. Why Jung and Psychological Types? 

2. 1st level of TYPE (Extraversion vs Introversion) 

3. 2nd level of TYPE ( Functions S-N and T-F) 

4. 8 functions, overview 

5. Sensing Functions (Extraverted and Introverted) 

6. Intuitive Functions (Extraverted and Introverted) 

7. Thinking Functions (Extraverted and Introverted) 

8. Feeling Functions (Extraverted and Introverted) 

9. Interplay for functions in developing personality