A collection of courses on psychometric testing

Here is a brief outline of the course:

1.Psychometric Testing at Workplace 

2.Testing for Ability -

a.Psychological Constructs
b.Psychometric Principles
c.Practitioner Skills

3.Personality Testing using TRAIT inventory
a.Psychological constructs of personality
b.Measurement Principles
c.Practitioner Skills

4. Using Tests for Selection
5. Using Tests for Development
6. Ethics in Test Administration and Interpretation

Psychometric Test development is a CRAFT. Like any craft it requires adherance to principles and sustained practice. This course provides a comprehensive view of the entire field of psychometric test development. It gives the necessary knowledge and skills that enables participants to develop tests of their choice while being aware of psychometric standards and best practices.

In the course, you will go through an instructor led journey of identifying the construct, defining it operationally, developing items (or getting the items developed by subject matter experts by giving them guidelines), pre-testing the items, collective normative data (if required), doing statistical analysis and publishing the test manual. In short, it covers A to Z of Psychometric Test development.

This course is a repository of recordings and materials related to the short course on Psychometric Testing created on behalf of Young India HR and conducted by Mr. Vijai Pandey.

To register in this course you must be a participant of the sessions conducted via Zoom and the key will be made available to you.

Alternatively you can join this course by paying Rs.2100/- using your debit or credit card. Use the second option 'Stripe Pay' to enrol if you do not have an access key.

This course is for those who are interested in learning the science and art of assessing people for the purpose of recruitment, selection, team-development and promotion. The course gives you entry into the National Register of Qualified Psychometric Test Users maintained by IIBP (Indian Institute of Business Psychology).

This course leads to IIBP Level-2 certificate in Psychometric Testing. It builds on the knowledge, skills and abilities of the Level-1 course and prepares the participant to achieve level-2 qualification. It includes:

A. Personality Theories and Tests, Interpretation and report writing

B. Practical’s ( focussing on trait based tests like WPI-Pro )

C. Personality Theories and Tests, Interpretation and report writing (Type Tests)

D. Decision making using test scores in occupational and organisational settings

E. Developing and implementing policies and procedures on testing

F. Assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities gained in the course.

This course leads to IIBP Level-1 certificate in psychometric testing. It provides necessary knowledge, skills and competence to qualify the participant as certified Level-1 psychometric test user. Certain essential modules in basic algebra and statistics are also included in this course to enable the participant get the best foot forward achieving level-1 qualification. This course covers the following:

A. Nature and type of tests, 

B. Use of tests, 

C. Test settings, 

D. Occupational testing. 

E. Introduction to testing (Basic theory, scaling, test construction, item analysis, types of tests, properties of tests, selecting tests, standardization, prediction, test administration and scoring )

F. Practical ability and Aptitude Testing

G. Uses of test scores. 

H. Professional and ethical issues in testing (Test bias, Methods for ensuring test fairness, Confidentiality, equal opportunities)

I. Assessment of knowledge, skill and competence gained through the course

This is a crash course on psychometrics for all.